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Here’s the deal: Rick is a pro. And not a schmaltzy pro; a personable, engaging, thought-provoking pro who digs deep to ensure results.

Rick took the time to learn the ins and outs of our uniquely branded company then gave our team the tools we needed to have balls in the boardroom without losing our soul. He didn’t preach; he coached. He helped us come to our own conclusions by asking tough questions. At the end of our time together we were able to formulate a solid sales plan that complimented our brand personality and achieved our business objectives.

Working with Rick changed our business – big time! It gave our sales team confidence and our sales pitch charisma. The results? We’re landing more of the right gigs with the right kind of clients.
— Kim McMullen – Chief Creative Renegade, Flipside Creative

Rick should really walk around Canada with a cape. He’s the kind of professional who comes to the rescue! And like any great super hero, he reviews the challenge at hand, listens carefully, pulls in the right people to nail the approach, then works hard to help, craft, teach and transfer his skills. In Rick’s case, he’s a sales super hero. For any sales need, Rick is the guy. Specifically, if you have a start-up, then I would highly recommend hiring Rick to get you to that next professional level as pitch-rounds are in your future. Being prepared by Rick means you’ll be armed to sell to your vision. Which is critical. He’s been instrumental for my start-up pitch. Up up and away!
Bernadette Butler – Founder/CEO

In my career as a business coach, I often had clients who could benefit from consistent and high level sales training, beyond that which I would normally provide myself. I have recommended Rick to a number of my clients and the results and feedback were consistently positive. Rick’s approach to sales is systematic, positive, accountable, trackable and most importantly, results-based. He knows how to adapt for different styles and personalities. He keeps it focused. He makes it fun. If a company owner or sales manager is looking for superior training and support to help his or her sales team raise their game and become more professional and, yes, wealthier, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rick.
Andrew Orr, Insight Business Development

We initially engaged Rick to create go-to-market messaging for my sales team as we were a new comer to the market. Based on what he delivered we expanded our agreement to include implementing / reinforcing a sales methodology and managing our sales team. Rick’s ability to deliver results for us ended up with Preston Mobility being awarded the top Bell Mobility Business dealer in Western Canada for 2012. I highly recommend engaging Rick if you want sales results from your team.
Darelle Mitchell – President, Preston Mobility

Through working with Rick, my confidence has increased immensely, along with my time-management skills. He has a fantastic way of making the learning experience fun and relevant. I truly appreciate how customized the training is, and he always makes himself available to strategize about current opportunities in the funnel. When colleagues ask what it is like to work with Rick, I find myself saying the same thing: “He makes it all make sense”.
Erin Quinn – Sales Manager, Edible Canada

Rick did a terrific job training our sales team and developing a system that worked for our organization. In particular, his focus in the area of opportunity assessment – where he helped our team develop the skills and strategy to dive deep into customer opportunities to uncover essential buying information translated into a measurable increase in our closed-won business. He was a key factor in our consistent year-over-year growth and being recognized as BC’s #1 Bell Mobility Business Dealer.
Blake Ponuick – COO, Preston Mobility

Rick Campbell has treated my staff and myself with consistent professionalism since he began sales training with us in September of 2012.

At TQ Construction we have had ‘design’ staff of four, who must do sales as part of their daily duties but who may have other primary occupations. Rick rose to the challenge of aligning these disparate mindsets, which resulted in a sales group that shares a common sales language which doesn’t interfere with duties separate from sales. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Rick completed the sales training but before that concluded I asked him to help us with a detailed strategy to apply best sales practices to a few of our more challenging sales. This is now a part of our sales culture; everyone gets it. Recently I had the opportunity to hire someone who had a lot to offer to us, but whose sales aptitude was unconfirmed. Rick sat with me for one interview, asked results-oriented questions and offered advice to me which later proved true. It was a good hire.

I have been selling renovations for my company for 28 years. When I walk into a new opportunity, I ask myself, ‘what would Rick suggest?’
Ralph Belisle – Owner, TQ Construction

Rick Campbell has worked tirelessly on my behalf since 2010. As a consultant, he listens until he truly understands. As an orchestrator of resources, he possesses great organizational skill and creativity. As a long-term relationship builder, he builds trust with everyone he collaborates with and is a master at networking. I’ve relied on Rick to pull through for me in several critical situations and he has consistently exceeded my expectations. In short, Rick Rocks. I hope to be partnering with Mr. Campbell for many years to come.
Tony Martin – VP Sales, Action Selling/The Sales Board