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Meet Rick

Rick Campbell launched FusionPoint in 2010 with a desire to take the “pump n’ dump” out of sales training. He has a passion for helping the little guys succeed and giving great organizations with good ideas a leg up in a dog-eat-dog world.

Rick is a people person and top-performing sales professional with a proven track record of success. He has a well-established portfolio of profitable client relationships, cohesive team-building, and employee motivation. He is passionate about providing sales strategies that work.

With nearly two decades of strategic selling and management experience gained from numerous organizations ranging from CRM, Security, Telecommunications and Business Intelligence, Rick knows how to develop, nurture, and keep strong relationships in all fields – including senior level execs and experts in law, technology, finance, support, and marketing. He is a dynamic presenter and richly talented teacher of:

  • Direct selling techniques
  • Navigating decision-making chains of command
  • Solution and consultative selling strategies
  • Channel management solutions
  • Product/service/business launches
  • New partner relationship training